Thursday, January 27, 2011

Final Catfish Thoughts

Finally finding the right one can sometimes be a very difficult thing in life. Sometimes people initially feel awkward starting a conversation. So the Internet was born, not necessarily for this purpose of course. Although this new way of interacting with other people, mostly for getting to know more people of the opposite gender has become the latest and greatest thing. These great interactive websites such as Facebook and Myspace are two of the top ways on the internet to become acquainted with someone else. We all know that the some of the best parts of life can be obtained through meeting new people, it happens each and every day.
The movie Catfish, was released in September of 2010. The movie is based off the Main character Nev, who finds himself looking for love online. This movie has a great base of what it is like especially for adults, to view what it may be like meeting new people online. It’s great if you like a little suspense although at times it may become predictable, there are a few life lessons that it definitely hits on along the way.
The movie consists of the main character Nev, who is very interested in various artistic things. He comes across an assortment of paintings. Eventually he started contacting who he thinks is an 8 year old artist who is coming up with these amazing paintings over and over again. The movie is a real life documentary of a true story of Nev’s life for a 10 month period. During this time his friends follow him as he exchanges phones call and also text messages with an abundance of people who he has become very close with over these 8 to 9 months. Eventually this leads Nev to wanting to meet this amazing family, which takes in on a trip to Michigan to meet them all.
Watching the movies and playing pretty close attention to Nev the main character, I like the professionalism he shows throughout the documentary. For him finding out that not everything he will encounter not to be real, it would be very easy for anyone to get very upset during this time. Having to travel to meet people(s) that have become more than a part of his everyday life, and find out that you have been more than just played for the amount of time that he was must have been very, very difficult.
I really enjoyed certain parts of the movie, and definitely disliked others. I think that the moral of the story is great, sometimes I felt like the content wasn’t always there. If I recommended this movie to anyone it would be mainly to adults, I think teenagers can relate a little better. Mainly I think that adults can understand these concepts. With teenagers using social networks each and every day they can get the just of the movie. One part that I really took to heart was the ending. The movie based off the word Catfish, really got me to thinking. Basically what the Catfish is, is someone who keeps everyone else going, the lively one of the bunch. Someone who keeps you on your toes at all times. With Nev coming across a “family” that he finds so intriguing and eventually feels a part of and for that all to be whipped away is very devastating. The movie is great at demonstrating a lot of the faults that our social networking sites hold, and are continuing to fix up.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Catfish 3

A very Hairy ending, to what ended up being a very hairy 9 months for Nev. Angela was the Catfish, keeping Nev on his toes all of the time. the thing was he wasnt aware of it until he started to notice things that were too good to be true. Things he simply couldn't wrap his head around. I feel bad for Nev because for Angela this was just another 9 months she could feel more involved with someone, but Nev just had basically wasted 9 months following someone he felt close to through plenty of messages and phone calls. The things people do on the internet.....smh.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catfish 2

This whole thing is kinda trash now, How must Nev feel? I feel like he has actually put alot into it considering its been kinda cheesy. I mean i guess he should know that not everything you see or hear from facebook isnt going to be true. Maybe he should have just put a little more sense into his actions tried to figure out more sooner. Most of angela's friends might be actual people, but they obviously arent the people in the pictures.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So far I wonder how real some of the people out there are on Facebook. Moreso adults than younger people. I feel that its very interesting on how someone can get sucked into another person through mostly the web and through phone calls without actually having person to person dialogue. I feel like the main character Nev is stuck on deciding what is real now. And overall that is what he is going to have to keep on facing no matter what, unless of course he decides to take a visit out to Michigan which seems very interesting in itself.

Friday, December 17, 2010

The Mobile Universe

Today the world is mainly consisted of people waking up each morning and before even shutting off their alarm clocks they check their phone to see if anybody has texted them overnight or so far this morning. And usually depending on the person, stay hooked or connected to their phone for the rest of the day. Not only is it now the best way to communicate with our best friends, families, and girlfriends/boyfriends the use of our cell phones can connect us to the web which allows us to use our social networking systems to ultimately stay in touch. The truth be known, the original use for cell phones or just being able to call someone from wherever you are when you aren’t able to use your house phone is the very least the device serves for us now days. In fact some people don’t even have home phones anymore, but just strictly use cell phones in place of them. And in some ways this can be beneficial, at least that person who doesn’t own a house phone has one less phone bill to pay. The use now a day starts at a very young age as well, we see kids that haven’t even entered double digits in age and yet they own a cellular device. The younger generation especially feels the need to own this device to stay in touch with their friends up to the minute. Although the view of seeing a very young child texting is a little bizarre, what 9 year old should feel the need to stay connected to friends to keep their attention? Shouldn’t they still be focused on cartoons and such shows? The makeup of the use is very extreme. Some people feel that just by having it in hand in any case of emergency they would feel safer. In that case it can become very handy people using it to call in an accident or they see something that they are an exposed to.
            Mainly though it has become the use by our generation and mostly teenagers are the ones that are doing the using. We are definitely the ones who are literally attached to the use of our phones in so many different ways. In fact our society is so big on the use of our phones, we have even come to a point where people die daily because of them. Yes interesting enough some people are dependent on using their phone while they drive, how in the world can you look at the road and look at a phone screen at the same time? Sad to say that I too am of the guilty party, but no worries I’m alive and well but the downside to this did make me realize what I was doing so I could stop. When a teenager or anyone uses their phone while driving, it is not only the teenagers that are affected but everyone who is on that same road next to them, and this is what causes all the danger that needs to be fixed as soon as possible. I really don’t feel that the recent laws that were put in about driving/texting are doing enough for people to stop. We need some kind of school presentation about the dangers we are facing by not paying attention to the icy Minnesota roads.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog free writing

I feel like blogging is a great way for people to express their ideas and or opinions. I also believe that in some ways it can be more personal and free then other types of writing which make it unique. People can really learn alot about the writer through the voice the blog itself. On the other side of things i feel that obviously people are not going to always agree with what the wrtiter has to say and very often other writers will test one's opinion, which makes an open forum great.